UN Invites Rep of Genocidal Sudan to Train Chinese Diplomats

The UN brought a representative of Sudan’s genocidal regime to train Beijing diplomats on China’s “role and opportunities within the United Nations.”
On 13-14 January, 2014, UNITAR, the UN Institute for Training and Research, held a conference in Shanghai, entitled “Transformative Global Governance: China & the United Nations.”
One of the UN’s invited speakers was Ali Al Sadig, director of the “Training and Capacity-Building Department” of Sudan’s foreign ministry. Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir is wanted for genocide by the International Criminal Court.
Another of the UN’s invited speakers was Idriss Jazaïry, the former Algerian representative to the Human Rights Council who famously eroded that body’s ability to confront tyrannies, intimidated NGOs, and denied that anti-Semitism was against Jews. See here and here.
The conference featured two dozen current and former UN officials, academics and NGOs discussing issues of UN reform, public-private partnerships, clean energy, food security, South-South cooperation and related themes, including “the leadership role of China and the United Nations.”

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