Trending UN Watch tweets from January put a spotlight on the world’s greatest human rights abusers who just joined the UN Human Rights Council; double standards against Israel; the 16th year of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ 4-year term; and the global response to the U.S. Mideast peace plan.

UN Watch tweets also praised the courageous men and women of Iran who dared to protest the murderous Ayatollah Khamenei regime; exposed the shameful silence of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch during the protests; and called out Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for slandering leading Iranian women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad.


New Members of the U.N. Human Rights Council 


Omar’s Slandering Iranian Rights Hero Masih Alinejad


Double Standards Against Israel


Abbas’ Indefinite Presidential Term 


Shaming Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch 


Iran’s Brave Men and Women Protesting Rouhani


Surpassing 90,000 Twitter Followers


UN Silence on Regime Violence against Iran Protesters


Global Response to U.S. Mideast Peace Plan






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