In 90 Seconds, Hillel Neuer Takes on U.N. Dictators

After North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia and other of the world’s worst dictatorships told lies, UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer was given 90 seconds to take the floor & set the record straight.

Mr. President, let the record show that everything we just heard from some of the world’s worst human rights abusers has no basis in law or in fact.
When will this U.N. council live up to its own Charter and address the real human rights abuses taking place in the following regions:
In Afghanistan: Misogyny.
In Algeria: Excessive force.
In Belarus: Authoritarianism.
In Burundi: Genocide warning.
In Cambodia: Violence against women.
In Central African Republic: Sexual abuses by peacekeepers.
In China: Denial of basic freedoms.
In Congo: Child labor.
In Cuba: Dictatorship.
In Ecuador: Suppression of dissent.
In Egypt: Extra-judicial killings.
In Eritrea: Forced labor.
In Ethiopia: Arbitrary killings.
In Haiti: Chronic corruption.
In Iran: Torture.
In Iraq: Militia killings.
In Laos: Abuse of prisoners.
In Lebanon: Hezbollah atrocities.
In Libya: Mass killings.
In Malaysia: Police killings.
In Maldives: Jailing of opposition.
In Mali: Torture.
In Mauritania: Slavery.
In Morocco: Unfree judiciary.
In Myanmar: Violence against minorities.
In Nigeria: Extra-judicial killings.
In North Korea: Forced labor camps.
In Pakistan: Death penalty for blasphemy.
In Panama: Corruption.
In Qatar: Slave labor.
In Russia: Persecution of dissidents.
In Saudi Arabia: Beheadings.
In Sri Lanka: Arbitrary arrests.
In Sudan: Bombing of civilians.
In Syria: Massacre of civilians.
Mr. President, when will the world hear about the real human right abuses?

UN Watch