Amnesty joins with Iran to single out Israel for “apartheid”

In a United Nations debate, after the Iranian regime, Syria, Venezuela, and Amnesty International accused Israel of “apartheid,” UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer took the floor to refute their lies, and call out their hypocrisy and double standards:

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Mr. President: We heard the world’s most racist regimes, joined by so-called anti-racists, saying “Israel practices apartheid.”

But I just visited the capital of Israel. I heard 200 minaret loudspeakers call Muslims to pray.

I saw Arabs and Jews walking together in the same parks, malls, and hospitals. In the Knesset, an Arab Muslim party is a central part of the coalition government.

Those claiming that the existence of the State of Israel is a racist endeavor—like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which manufactured massive reports making these claims—are telling terrible lies.

In recent years, these groups have accused major democracies of systemic racism. If so, why did they single out Israel, 0.11% of the world population, as the only democracy on the planet to be targeted by such an investigation and report?

Why no apartheid report on China herding one million Muslim Uighurs into camps?

Why no apartheid report on the 900,000 Black slaves in Mauritania, a member of this Council?

In 2015, at its annual assembly, Amnesty voted against doing a report on antisemitism. Why not?  “Unfortunately,” they tweeted, “we can’t campaign on everything.”

And why of all countries in the world is Amnesty campaigning to boycott Israel? Asked in an interview, the gist of its reply was: “Well, you have to begin somewhere.” Indeed.

UN Watch