Beheadline goes viral

Saudi executioner sword
Was the alleged typo in our viral headline “Saudi Lose Bid to Behead of UN Human Rights Council” intentional, or not?
Autocorrect will do just the darnedest things when the word “Saudi” is in context?
One thing is sure: the faux typo caught the attention of the world’s leading news agencies, whose reporters posted it all over Twitter — turning a global spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s shockingly cruel system of gross and systematic human rights abuses.
The buzz sparked a feature debate on, which concluded: “Amazing UN Watch ‘typo’ regarding Saudi Arabia ‘has to be on purpose’.”
Here’s Henry Tricks, regional bureau chief in Mexico City of The Economist:

Josh Lederman, White House reporter for the Associated Press:

Nicole Gaouette, foreign policy reporter at Bloomberg:
Yochi Dreazen, Managing Editor at Foreign Policy:

David A. Graham, writer for The Atlantic:
Reema Omer, legal Advisor for the International Commission of Jurists:

Hannah Allam, foreign affairs reporter of McClatchy Newspapers:

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