Born in Sin: The U.N. Human Rights Council's Dark Secret

The UN’s highest human rights body was created in sin.
In June 2007, the UN Human Rights council acted with flagrant illegality and dishonesty — flouting its its own basic procedures, and then rewriting history to cover it up — in order to falsely claim the “consensus” adoption of its constitution and permanent agenda, which unfairly singles out Israel for selective treatment.
To block Canada from calling a vote and registering its objection to this gross form of anti-Israel bias, the council falsely claimed the decision was already taken.
UN Watch documented all of the illegality, dishonesty and ensuing cover-up. Canada, the US, and Poland filed official complaints to the UN that further detailed these gross irregularities. See key documents below.
Key Documents
How the Human Rights Council Was Born – Comprehensive UN Watch timeline of the HRC’s deceptive actions
Cable from US Secretary of State to US Diplomats (Source: Wikileaks) – Description of events in cable of July 2, 2007

  • “Posts are requested to approach host governments at the highest appropriate level to convey deep USG unhappiness with the results of the Human Rights Council institution building process.”
  • “Particular disgust at procedural irregularities that denied a fellow western group member the chance to call for a vote on a principled human rights concern. EU complicity in this move is deeply disturbing.”

Canadian complaint of gross irregularities in founding of UNHRC – Mission of Canada to the UN, 13 July 2007
USA complaint of gross irregularities in founding of UNHRC – Mission of USA to the UN, 13 July 2007
Poland rejects UNHRC cover-up of irregularities in its founding – Mission of Poland to the UN, 13 July 2007
News Articles and Blog Posts
Consensus Declared—Whether Canada Consented Or Not – UN Watch, June 20, 2007
Canada the Brave – Jerusalem Post editorial, June 21, 2007
Geneva’s Midnight Secret: Reform’s Missed Deadline, UN Watch, June 22, 2007
Canada dissents in UN attack on Israel – Canadian Jewish News, June 27, 2007
UN Tampers With Official Records to Cover Up Missed Deadline – UN Watch, August 7, 2007
UNHRC rejects Canadian delegate’s attempt to oppose creation of anti-Israel agenda – UNHRC, June 19, 2007

UN Watch