BREAKING: UN “has been investigating 19 UNRWA staff members” for joining October 7th Hamas massacre

UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric, April 26:

“You’ve been asking me for quite a while for an update on the OIOS investigations as it relates to UNRWA. We have some information to share with you into these allegations that were made by Israel that some staff members of UNRWA were involved in the 7th of October terror attacks in Israel.

OIOS, as they are telling us, has been investigating now 19 UNRWA staff members. That includes 12 that we were informed of in January and whose contracts,
you will remember, were terminated immediately by UNRWA, and seven more that we have since received information about from the Israeli authorities.

Five new cases were reported to OIS in March, and two in April.

First, I want to address the initial 12 of that group. Eight staff members remain under investigation by OIOS. One case was closed as no evidence was provided by Israel to support the allegations against the staff member. We are exploring corrective administrative action to be taken in that person’s case.

Also, three cases were suspended by OIOS, as the information provided by Israel is not sufficient for OIOS to proceed with an investigation. UNRWA is now also considering what administrative action to take while these three people are under investigation.

Regarding the seven cases that were brought to our attention since January, one case has also been suspended. The case itself by OIOS has been suspended pending receipt of additional supporting evidence. The remaining six of those cases are currently under investigation by OIOS.

OIOS has also informed us that its investigators had traveled to Israel for discussion with the Israeli authorities, and will undertake another visit in May.

These discussions are continuing and so far have been productive, and have enabled progress on the investigations.”

UN Watch