British Parliament Debates U.N. Walkout on Iranian Foreign Minister


Today in the British House of Lords the UK government was called upon to walk out on Iran’s foreign minister when he addresses the U.N. Human Rights Council on Monday, February 27th. The human rights group UN Watch was recognized for spearheading the #WalkoutIRI campaign, and the successful expulsion of the Islamic regime from the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission.

Lord Stuart Polak: “My Lords, the people of Iran are entitled to have good relations with the people of the United Kingdom. However, I would argue the current government of Iran is absolutely not entitled to have good relations with His Majesty’s Government.

May I commend my friend Hillel Neuer, the indefatigable director of UN Watch, the human rights NGO based in Geneva. He has been holding the Iranian regime to account, and headed the campaign to remove Iran from the Commission on the Status of Women in 2022. And I thank my noble friend the Minister for taking such a strong lead on that issue.

And my noble friend, I hope will forgive me because I do not have enough time to list all the reasons why the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps should be proscribed as a terror group. Perhaps, I will just ask the Minister in his response to furnish the House with the reason why the government has not prescribed the IRGC as a terror group.

My Lords, Hillel, who I referred to, is rightly campaigning now that when the Iranian foreign minister addresses the U.N. Human Rights Council next Monday, on the 27th of February, that U.N. delegations should walk out in protest.

Global figures have joined that campaign like Masih Alinejad, the exiled Iranian women’s rights activist who the regime attempted to assassinate in New York last summer.

So I urge my noble friend the Minister to lead once again and take a strong stance against a regime that tortures, that kills, and hangs its own people.

My Lords, if, as we do, we stand for the protection of human rights, then my noble friend should stand and leave the room when the Iranian foreign minister begins to speak.”

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