Canada slams U.N.’s Goldstone report for “pre-emptively assuming Israel’s culpability”

In the Canadian House of Commons Today

Mr. James Lunney (Nanaimo-Alberni, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, this week the UN Human Rights Council released its latest anti-Israel missive.

The Goldstone report began with a mandate to condemn the Jewish state in a process that Canada and many other nations would not support. The report accuses Israel of war crimes in the recent Gaza conflict.

Regrettably, war crimes is the same claim made by the Leader of the Opposition during the conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Could the minister of state please inform this House what the government’s response is to this report?

Hon. Peter Kent (Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), CPC):

Mr. Speaker, I would remind this House that the so-called fact-finding commission was the creation of one of the United Nation’s most flawed bodies, the Human Rights Council, which includes some of the UN’s least democratic states.

In commissioning this study, the Human Rights Council pre-emptively assumed Israel’s culpability. This government has never equated Israel, a democratic state, with terrorist groups which seek to destroy both it and its people.

Mr. Speaker this government will continue to remind Canadians and members opposite that it is one thing to offer supportive words to Israel when it’s convenient, and quite another to stand firm in its hour of need.


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