Crimes Against Humanity… But Keep Up the Good Work

Today, the barbaric North Korean regime tried to whitewash its human rights record as it underwent a mandatory review before the UN Human Rights Council.
A UN Commission of Inquiry recently found Pyongyang guilty of crimes against humanity. Yet today the regime denied the existence of political prison camps, the practice of public executions, and the limitation of travel. It blamed external forces for much of the country’s malaise.
Regrettably, several other nations backed North Korea, echoing the regime’s propaganda and providing a false image of the human rights situation there. Examples:

  • Iran: “We would like to commend North Korea’s constructive engagement in the UPR process.”
  • Venezuela: “Despite the blockade that has been imposed on the country, North Korea has free and universal medical care and has modernized certain health and production centers.”
  • China: “We commend DPRK for adopting legislative and admin measures.”
  • Laos: “We are pleased to note that the DPRK has ratified several human rights conventions.”
  • Syria: “We would like to congratulate the realization of the right to education and the right to health.”

Nevertheless, several countries took the floor to hold the regime to account in a serious fashion, including Greece, the Czech Republic, Canada, U.S., UK, Sweden, and Poland.


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