UN nominee mocks Canadian Prime Minister

For reasons that are unclear, and despite UN Watch’s online petition, no country has opposed the planned appointment next week of Hilal Elver — wife, co-author and close collaborator of 9/11 Truther Richard Falk — as a top U.N. human rights investigator.
As we documented here, Elver is as dangerous as Falk. She spouts virulent anti-Western and anti-Israel invective, and celebrates the works of 9/11 Truther David Ray Griffin.
During a recent lecture of hers in Hamilton, Ontario, about the perils of Islamophobia, Elver mocks Canada’s Prime Minister:


My talk, I will start first about Canada. Which I don’t have a very deep knowledge about Canada. I came here in just about one semester in Montreal to understand and compare to Canadian system how to deal with their Islam, and what is the difference between United States and Canada. That’s why I’m not very knowledgeable.
But what happened, your Prime Minister gave me a very good entry…
But the same prime minister, as we talked before, on September, came to the TV in CBS program and he talked about the Islamicism. We were talking about in dinner, is there a such English word about the Islamicism? I don’’t know, because I’’m not a native speaker, but it’’s an interesting kind of comparison I can make with Harper and the former President Bush, because he always says that kind of words and people think about is that really English or not?
Recently, there’’s a joke in the United States that Canada is the only country still run by George W. Bush. They always say that. There is a strong connection between your prime minister and the former president of the U.S.
He only did not talk about this very severe way of separating Muslims from the regular Canadian, he also confirmed that his plans to reinstate former security measures in an attempt to counter homegrown terrorism.
The first measure was preventive arrest, would grant police the right to arrest and detain suspects for three days without warrant or charge.
Second measure, if approved, would permit judge to force witnesses into secret testimonials, threatening them with jail time if they refuse. He says, we think these measures are necessary. They are going to be useful. They are not applied rarely but there are times they are needed, he claimed. But, according to human rights lawyers, the evidence does not show that it’’s a serious risk in Canada, and these measures that the government has used to fight terrorism in the last ten years has never been used against any particular threat.
Why he wants to bring again the same old law that they never been used? This shows that Canada is under serious influence on the United States, time to time, not always.

UN Watch