Double standard: UN on Iraq-ISIS vs. UN on Israel-Hamas

Hamas collaborators
Whatever their differences, the Sunni Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Gaza share a great deal in common: they believe in and perpetrate the killing of civilians in the name of Jihad, they despise the West and its culture of freedom and democracy, and they seek to dominate their subject populations by theocratic, fascist, misogynistic, and homophobic regimes. ISIS has been far more successful than Hamas, but not for the latter’s lack of effort.
At the UN Human Rights Council, however, they are treated very differently. The Islamic terrorists fighting Israel get preferred treatment.
Consider today’s resolution on Iraq in comparison with the council’s recently-adopted resolution on Gaza.
Treatment of Islamic terrorists:

  • Today’s UNHRC resolution on Iraq condemned ISIS 10 times.
  • The July UNHRC resolution on Gaza mentioned Hamas 0 times.

Treatment of governments responding to Islamic terrorists:

  • Today’s UNHRC resolution on Iraq condemned the Baghdad government 0 times — even though Baghdad’s troops dropped barrel bombs on civilians, carried out summary executions of Sunnis, and perpetrated indiscriminate airstrikes on populated areas and other war crimes.
  • The UNHRC’s July resolution on Gaza condemned the Israeli government 18 times, even though Jerusalem took unprecedented measures to avoid harming civilians, including warnings with phone calls, text messages, leaflets, and roof knocking; and also aborting aerial strikes seconds before they were to be carried out, due to civilians being present at the site of the target.

Not only did today’s resolution fail to criticize Iraq’s Shiite government in any way, but the UNHRC actually praised the Sunni-killing Baghdad regime’s purported “efforts to foster religious freedom and pluralism.”
Just like , in 2009, the 47-nation council praised Sri Lanka — after it murdered 40,000 Tamils — for “promoting and protecting human rights.”

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