Exposed: UN Women Deputy Chief Endorsed 153 Tweets Attacking Israel & Zionism

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A top official of UN Women addressed the United Nations by webcam from her home with a large “Palestine” poster and flag showing in the background, and since the October 7th Hamas massacre she has publicly endorsed 153 anti-Israel and anti-Zionist tweets, revealed a Swiss watchdog group today.

Sarah Douglas, the Deputy Chief of Peace and Security at UN Women, should be fired for her blatant and systematic violations of the the UN’s minimal requirements of neutrality and impartiality, said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, an independent non-governmental organization based in Geneva that released the following report documenting her partisan political activity.

 Sarah Douglas’ Political Activity Violates UN Impartiality

Sarah Douglas’ overt political activity, including her public endorsement of extreme statements by politicians and political organizations, as detailed below, amount to a material breach of her UN obligation to be neutral and impartial.  Article 101(3) of the UN Charter states that the “paramount consideration” in employing staff is “securing the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity.” The concept of integrity under the core values of the UN Staff Rules and Staff Regulations includes “impartiality.” Specifically, under Rule 1.2(f), UN staff are expressly prohibited from making “any kind of public pronouncement” that may adversely reflect on their independence and impartiality. While UN staff members may exercise the right to vote, they are prohibited from engaging in any political activity that reflects adversely upon “the independence and impartiality required by their status as international civil servants.”


Repeatedly Accused Israel of “Genocide”

Sarah Douglas liked a tweet by the Palestinian Feminist Collective accusing “the forces of empire” of helping Israel to commit “genocide” and “annihilate the Palestinian people.”

Similarly, Douglas has repeatedly liked tweets accusing America of funding and arming “the genocide of Palestinians” and “the genocide in Gaza.”

Likewise, she liked many tweets accusing Israel of “war crimes against the people of Gaza” and indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.

By contrast, the UN Women’s Deputy Chief of Peace and Security failed to like a single tweet condemning Hamas for its open calls for genocide, including its pledges to repeat the October 7th mass murder, torture and rape of Israelis.


Falsely Accused Israel of Bombing Hospital

Douglas liked the tweet by UN Women chief Sima Bahous which falsely implied that Israel attacked the Al Ahli Arab Hospital on October 17th and “strongly condemned” the strike that “killed and injured hundreds of civilians.” In fact, the rocket was from Islamic Jihad; it did not hit the hospital but the parking lot of the courtyard; and the actual casualties were a fraction of that amount. The tweet was never deleted and remains on Douglas’ feed of liked tweets.


Celebrated Shutdown of American Bridges and Highways, Takeover of Party Conventions

Sarah Douglas liked tweets that celebrate shutting down bridges and highways in eight American cities.

She liked a tweet by IfNotNow celebrating the takeover of the California Democratic Convention to protest “the mass murder of Palestinians.”

And she liked a tweet by “Jewish Voice for Peace Action” that celebrated their shutting down of the Democratic National Committee headquarters.


Palestine Poster 

Speaking via webcam from her home, Sarah Douglas addressed a UN meeting last week next to a large “Palestine” poster with the colors of the Palestinian flag. This is in breach of the UN rule that speakers show only a neutral background.


Openly Endorsed “Squad” Politicians Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC


Sarah Douglas likes numerous tweets of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders and other far-left politicians.


Douglas liked a tweet by Rashida Tlaib claiming that “Israel is starving Gaza.”


She liked a tweet by AOC calling to condition aid to Israel, and others about pressing the Biden administration for a ceasefire and preventing the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians.


She liked a tweet by “IfNotNow” endorsing pressure on Senator Warren.


She liked a tweet by “Jewish Voice for Peace Action” which thanked 13 named Democratic members of Congress for opposing H. Res. 894, which condemnied the drastic rise of antisemitism in America. So a UN official is openly supporting and opposing specific votes in the US Congress and at the UN.


She also liked tweets by numerous other far-left and politicians who attack or criticize Israel, including Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush and Bernie Sanders.



Endorsed Code Pink and Other Radical Groups


Despite her obligation to be neutral in her public pronouncements, Sarah Douglas supports radical groups like Code Pink, liking their tweet that accused US Senators Graham and Rubio “and other AIPAC $$$ recipients” over the violence they’re backing against Palestinians, accusing them of “hate and lies.” She liked another Code Pink tweet that celebrated shutting down Chicago’s main highway to “free Palestine.”


Douglas repeatedly liked tweets by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), a Geneva-based group that was long accused of being a Soviet front organization, and whose officials went to Libya in 1992 to sing praises of the “Gaddafi Human Rights Prize.” Douglas liked a WILPF tweet accusing Israel of “apartheid policies” which is allegedly a “feminist demand.”


She also routinely liked tweets from additional NGOs and lobby groups that advocate what Hamas wants, including tweets by Democratic Socialists and Amnesty International.



Promoted Fringe Jewish Groups That Oppose Israel and Zionism


Douglas has a particular fondness for liking tweets by fringe Jewish individuals or groups that condemn Israel.


She liked numerous posts by “Jewish Voices for Peace,” including one tweet saying “We’re proud anti-Zionistsm,” with the image of a placard reading, “Zionism breaks every single Jewish value.”


She liked a tweet by IfNotNow promoting their “#JewsForCeasefire” campaign.


In violation of UN rules against overt partisan political activity, Sarah Douglas openly engaged in political campaigning by publicly liking numerous posts such as a tweet by “Jewish Voice for Peace Action” lobbying for the US government to change its policy and demand a ceasefire, which read:  “Keep writing, keep calling, keep pushing. Check our tracker… to see who in Congress is working to save lives.”


Liked an article by radical academic who invoked his Jewish identity to accuse Israel of “genocide” and “Jewish supremacy.”



Intervened On UN Votes, Rebuked Countries For Not Backing Anti-Israel Resolutions


UN employees do not comment on country votes in UN bodies. For example, when the UN Secretary-General is asked about the UN election of dictatorships to the Human Rights Council and women’s rights bodies, he systematically declines to comment.


By contrast, Douglas has repeatedly endorsed tweets rebuking member states for their UN votes that she opposes. She liked a tweet by the group Karama which criticized “states who claim to support women’s rights looking the other way on violence against Palestinian women.” Similarly, she  liked an AOC tweet slamming a US vote in the Security Council.


Notably, Sarah Douglas has never liked tweets criticizing country votes on any other matter.


Her “Hero” is Antisemitic Denier of Hamas Massacre

Sarah Douglas tweeted a photo of herself with former PLO official and spokeswoman, gushing that she was “So excited to meet one of my sheroes today: Dr Hanan Ashrawi!!”

In fact, Ashrawi is someone who has promoted antisemitic blood libels, falsely accusing Israel of throwing a Palestinian child into a well. Ashrawi founded an organization, Miftah, that claims Jews consume Christian blood, and which praises suicide bombers.

Speaking on Sky News, Ashrawi recently justified the Hamas massacre and mass rape of October 7th, saying, “This was a deliberate act of resisting an occupation army.”

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