Why Germany & France Condemned UN’s Francesca Albanese for ‘Disgraceful’ Antisemitism

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Testimony delivered during the United Nations Human Rights Council by UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, during Interactive Dialogue with UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese,26 March 2024

Ms. Albanese, your report accuses Israel of “genocide.” At page 2, you say your report does not examine the Hamas crimes of October 7th, because “they are beyond the geographic scope of [my] mandate.”

Ms. Albanese, you went on a recent official trip to Australia, all expenses paid by the UN. Could you explain how Australia is within the geography of your mandate, but not the mass murder, rape, torture committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, invading Israel from Gaza, kidnapping hundreds of hostages, including babies and Holocaust survivors?

If you ignore the Hamas massacre that started the war, the 14,000 rockets fired against Israeli towns, 130 hostages now being tortured in Gaza, how can you possibly understand the war?

And though you say it’s not in your mandate, you have commented. On February 10, you mocked the statement of President Macron that October 7th constituted the greatest antisemitic massacre of our century. You said the victims were “not killed because of their Judaism,” but rather “in reaction to Israel’s oppression.”

In response—for the first time in the history of the United Nations—both France and Germany condemned a UN rapporteur for antisemitism.

France replied to you that “The October 7 massacre is the biggest antisemitic massacre of the 21st century,” and “to deny it is wrong.” France said it was “scandalous” and “a disgrace” for you “to appear to justify it, by dragging in the name of the United Nations.”

Germany said it was “appalling” for you “to justify the horrific terror attacks and to “deny their antisemitic nature.” Germany said your remarks were “a disgrace.”

We agree.

UN Watch