Hillel Neuer on GB News: the U.N.’s Toxic Alliance of Radical Left NGOs & Dictatorships

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Hillel Neuer tells GB News there is a toxic alliance at the U.N. between radical leftist groups with an anti-Western agenda and the world’s worst dictatorships. Live interview on April 27, 2022.


GB News: We’re delighted to be joined by Hillel Neuer, the executive director of United Nations Watch to talk about this in more detail. Hello, thank you very very much for joining us. Now, off the top of your head, what do you reckon is the most ridiculous example of U.N. behavior that you can share with our viewers and listeners?

Hillel Neuer: Well you know I’m based in Geneva, Switzerland next to the United Nations Human Rights Council which is meant to be the world’s highest human rights body. It’s mandated to protect human rights — to speak out for victims, to address urgent situations — and the members of this 47 nation body include China, up until two weeks ago Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Eritrea, Pakistan, Somalia, Kazakhstan, Qatar. 

These are countries that commit gross and systematic violations of human rights. They crush dissidents, they jail journalists, they poison dissidents; China has herded one million Muslim Uyghurs into camps — why are the world’s worst violators of human rights sitting as judges and guardians of human rights for the world? 

So, you know that’s something that I face I would say every day. It’s Orwellian; it’s the complete opposite of what the United Nations was meant to do, what the founders of the Human Rights Commission such as Eleanor Roosevelt and the French philosopher René Cassin, they helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But those today who are elected by the United Nations to enforce those principles of human rights, to shape those principles of human rights, are the worst violators that’s at the U.N. Human Rights Council, they spend most of their time ignoring the world’s worst abuses. 

They have a dedicated agenda item to condemning Israel alone. It empowers terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah who cheer their Commissions of Inquiry. There’s a commission of inquiry now against Israel that is headed by Navi Pillay, a former South African judge, but she’s on record signing a manifesto which is entitled “Sanction Israeli Apartheid.” So you have the most biased person in the world who’s openly lobbying against one side, who’s appointed as the judge, so that’s the Human Rights Council. 

Then, you move to the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission, which is based in New York City, and one of the newest members that just took its seat is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a regime that subjugates women, they arrest women for the crime of not covering their hair. 

GB News:  Do you think there is political bias sort of across the whole of the UN? Is it just lots of liberal elites sitting around with liberal views, a bit of hypocrisy here and there, or actually do you think fundamentally its broad aims are still very noble?

Hillel Neuer: Well look, the founding aims of the U.N. are, like you say, they are very noble. It talks about fundamental freedoms. The drafters of the United Nations Charter were Franklin Delano Roosevelt and liberal internationalists, and the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are great documents with noble principles.

The problem is that there is a hijacking of these bodies by dictatorships. You mentioned liberal elites but let’s understand: There’s a toxic alliance between the world’s worst dictatorships — these can be Russia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Cuba, Eritrea — they’re sitting on the Human Rights Council, but that is then legitimized by certain groups that have a radical anti-Western agenda. 

Groups like Amnesty International, which were doing business with the Taliban, which, they fired the head of their women’s rights unit because she complained. She said Amnesty International shouldn’t be bringing the Taliban apologists, a group called Cage Prisoners in London, to lobby MPs, and she was fired — that’s Gita Saghal. And you know, Amnesty International sadly legitimizes much of what dictators do at the UN. 

Same goes for groups like Human Rights Watch, if we talk about their obsession with demonizing Israel that is led by the worst dictatorships, and groups like Human Rights Watch, headed by Ken Roth, who’s going to leave in a few months, they legitimize that.

So there’s this alliance, this odd, irrational alliance by dictatorships and people in London. You had Jeremy Corbyn, you had Red Ken, they give legitimacy to what the dictatorships do where they join together. 

GB News: Absolutely right. And I think as well the British public did see through that actually a bit which is just as well. To be fair, Ken Livingstone was mayor of London for quite a while actually. But, I think that was one of the key sticking points of Jeremy Corbyn, that and the fact that I think he was a bit doddery. 

Anyway, thank you very, very much, cheers for coming on the show. We’ll have to have you back on, absolutely. What this man doesn’t know about the U.N. isn’t worth knowing, clearly.

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