Issue 613: Training Interns


Training Interns From Around the World

UN Watch manages a substantial internship program throughout the year. UN Watch educates, trains, and prepares the next generation by hosting dynamic interns from diverse countries. Each intern gets to research, write and deliver their own UN speech—the opportunity of a lifetime. Apply now for internships between January and April 2017: internships.
Following are some of the contributions of our interns to the cause of UN Watch over the past year (click here for videos):

  • Kimron Flicker (Tel Aviv U.) testified before the UN and spoke on rape victims in the Maldives.
  • Maygane Janin (University of Geneva) spoke on human rights abuses in Libya.
  • Tiffany Chen (Smith College) spoke on war crimes by Sri Lanka.
  • Sarah Reibman (Smith College) spoke on atrocities of Boko Haram and the Islamic State.
  • Charlie Goldman (Boston U.) contributed research for UN Watch’s campaign to hold UNRWA accountable.
  • Ezequiel Podjarny (U. Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina) spoke on Russia’s abuses in Ukraine.
  • Bertha Merikanskas (Boston U.) spoke about Iran’s abuses of women’s rights.
  • David Choueke (Emerson College) spoke on religious discrimination in Myanmar.
  • Kaitlin Buie (Smith College) spoke on human rights violations in Haiti.
  • Caitlyn Vincent (Smith College) spoke on human rights abuses in Mali.
  • Inbal Keren (Victoria U., New Zealand) condemned Saudi Arabia’s bombings in Yemen.
  • Zev Moses (Colgate U.) researched anti-Israel bias at the WHO.
  • Mara Gnos (University of Geneva) spoke on human rights abuses in Belarus.
  • Nian Hu (Harvard U.) spoke on impunity for rape in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.
  • Anna Volosina (King’s College London) spoke on Russia’s human rights abuses in Ukraine.
  • David Lando (U. of Groningen, Netherlands) spoke on Burundi’s abuses.
  • Maia Dombey (New York U.) spoke on human rights in Sri Lanka.
  • Charis Marantzidou (Sarah Lawrence College) spoke about the Universal Periodic Review mechanism.



Video on UN Election of Saudi Arabia Goes Viral

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As the UN Human Rights Council is busy, with the help of Ken Roth’s Human Rights Watch, creating a new blacklist of companies doing business with Israelis in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter and other areas over the 1967 green line, Saudi Arabia’s recent re-election to the 47-nation body is being globally condemned on social media thanks to a new video by UN Watch.
The video has been seen more than 800,000 times on Facebook, making it the most widely-viewed and shared UN Watch video of the year.
UN Watch launched the video as a part of a new campaign, reported in the Wall Street Journal, to expel the fundamentalist and misogynistic monarchy from the world’s highest human rights body.
Similarly, the UN Watch post below—showing the UN welcoming Saudi Arabia’s new representative to the council—has been retweeted more than 2,500 times, making it the top UN Watch tweet of the year. Click here to retweet.
Saudi Arabia’s ability to influence and oversee the UN’s protection of women’s rights is detailed here.
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