Latest U.N. Gobbledygook: “Gender Implications of International Solidarity”

Today’s announcement by the office of UN human rights chief Navi Pillay about an “Expert Workshop on Human Rights and International Solidarity,” which it will organize on June 7-8 in Geneva, provides a classic example of the gobbledygook emanating from the highest quarters of the UN:

[This will be] a workshop for an exchange of views on, inter alia, the gender implications of international solidarity, the impact of a right to international solidarity, the role of international solidarity in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the realization of the right to development, with the participation of representatives from all interested States, the independent expert, the members of the Advisory Committee dealing with this issue, and civil society.”

The UN Human Rights Council resolution requiring this seminar, 18/5 (accessible from this list), is one of several sponsored annually by the Communist government of Cuba, supported by fellow Third World dictatorships, which essentially argue that: (a) the wealthy West exploits the rest; (b) that this subject is somehow a matter of human rights; and (c) that the world must focus on the need to transfer more aid money to the often corrupt governments of Third World countries, and ignore issues such as government violence against peaceful dissidents in Iran,  Syria and Zimbabwe.

It is sad that Pillay’s office spends so much of its time on implementing the Orwellian creations of Castro & Co. Eventually, the Geneva staffers and NGOs attribute objective merit to the politically-motivated nonsense.

Equally if not more troubling is that too many US and EU assessments of the council’s record, insisting on a positive headline, omit mention of these intellectually corrupting resolutions.

UN Watch