In a special appearance today at the UN Human Rights Council, Libyan Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Abdulssalam E. El tumi, said the following:

“The Palestinian people are still living under occupation and that’s for more than 60 years. The occupying force is practicing the worst kinds of violations of human rights, ignoring the principles of international law and international humanitarian law. It does not respect human rights at all. The destruction maneuvers and the killing attacks are ongoing and still fresh in our minds — the recent massacres of Gaza. The occupation war machinery has killed thousands of victims amongst the unarmed, the children, the elderly, the women. The entire world has witnessed the aggression and the scenes of horror and the pictures of infants dying without committing any sin or crime. The Human Rights Council must shoulder its responsibilities and act on ending these serious violations, forcing the occupying power to stop these practices and abide by international legitimacy. The occupation forces have persisted in ignoring all resolutions without any sanctions being taken against it. Refusing to comply to the resolutions of the international community confirms its disdain for the international law. Thus losing the conditions of admissibility in the membership of the United Nations. In this occasion we call on the Council to consider the suspension of the participation of the occupying power in the works of the council, which has devoted to the respect of international law. We also call on requesting a suspension of its participation in the United Nations and international organizations for the same reasons mentioned above.”


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