Libya should ensure the full respect of all human rights

Statement by UN Watch
UNHRC 30th Session
Agenda Item 6, Adoption of Libya UPR report
25 September 2015

Delivered by Maygane Janin

Thank you, Mr. President.
UN Watch is deeply concerned by the human rights situation in Libya. In regard to the report that is before us today, we call attention to three areas of particular concern.
First, we are alarmed by the sexual violence taking place with complete impunity in the country. In 2012, decision n39 was taken by the Libyan authorities against sexual violence and torture, followed by decision n119 concerning the situation of the victims. Nonetheless, no concrete actions have yet been taken to effectively address the gross human rights violations related to sexual violence. It is unacceptable that once again rape is being used as a weapon of war with impunity.
Second, we sadly note that women’s rights are denied to the Libyan women on a daily basis. If laws have been promulgated to allegedly strengthen their rights, the situation on the ground has barely changed since the fall of the Khaddafi regime. On the contrary religious legal opinions, issued by the Grand Mufti, have been a major blow to the full enjoyment of human rights by women in the country.
Our last concern relates to the acts of torture perpetrated by all parties in the current conflict. Whereas the 2011 revolution aimed to put an end to the human rights violations that were a commonplace in the Khaddafy’s regime, we are now seeing an increase in the use of torture, while law No. 10 has completely failed to prevent those major human rights violations.
Mr. President it is high time for the government of Libya to take urgent measures to ensure the full respect of all human rights.
Thank you Mr. President

UN Watch