Netherlands rejects UN appeal, reaffirms defunding of terror-linked NGO

In a letter to the United Nations human rights office, the Dutch government reaffirmed its decision to defund a Palestinian NGO that it found was linked to a terrorist organization, rejecting an appeal by seven U.N. monitors, led by Special Rapporteur on Palestine Michael Lynk, in defense of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC).

“The PFLP is considered a terrorist organization and not a regular political movement nor party,” wrote the Dutch mission to the UN in Geneva in its reply to the UN.

“The strong findings about individual-level ties between the UAWC and the PFLP, and the UAWC’s lack of candor about the situation before or during the review, constitute serious concern and sufficient reason in the Government’s view to terminate its funding to the UAWC’s activities.”

The Dutch government’s decision to defund the deceitful Palestinian NGO followed its finding that 34 UAWC employees were tied to the PFLP terrorist organization, 12 with dual leadership roles.

Netherlands had paid the salaries of two UAWC employees involved in the 2019 PFLP murder of 17-year-old Israeli girl Rina Schnerb.



UN Watch