U.N. Rights Council Sings Sri Lanka’s Praises

The U.N. Human Rights Council just examined Sri Lanka’s human rights record as part of its periodic review of all countries.

While Canada notably asked genuine and specific questions, consistent with the purpose of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism to scrutinize governments and improve the lives of victims, as did New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland, many others took the floor solely to praise.

See for example from the U.N. summary:

  • China congratulated Sri Lanka for its “socio-economic developments and national reconciliation, its establishment of national human rights instruments and its progress in resettling IDPs and combating poverty.”
  • Iran “commended Sri Lanka for considerable achievements in restoration of civil administration, infrastructure and economic development in the north and east of Sri Lanka affected by the internal conflict.”
  • Spain applauded “progress made in promoting and protecting human rights.”
  • Saudi Arabia highlighted Sri Lanka’s “commitment to international human rights treaties and legislation to implement them in compliance with UN standards. It noted Sri Lanka’s effort to improve living standards despite decades of conflict.”
  • Sudan paid tribute to “Sri Lanka’s efforts to restore stability.”
  • Nicaragua recognized Sri Lanka’s “commitment to build the rule of law and strengthen democracy.”
  • Lebanon noted Sri Lanka’s “commitment to safeguarding human rights.”
  • Oman noted the “enormous efforts made at the national, regional and international levels with setting a plan of action to rehabilitate and reintegrate victims and ex-combatants.”
  • Kuwait recognised “the important developments in spite of 30 years of conflict and the stability brought to all segments of society, such as the resettlement of IDPs, clearing the land mines and achieving part of the MDGs.”
  • Ecuador welcomed Sri Lanka’s “efforts to establish responsibilities for human rights violations and the inter-ministerial working group on cases of alleged disappearance.”
  • The Holy See appreciated Sri Lanka’s “human rights and peace accomplishments.”
  • North Korea commended Sri Lanka for its “achievements, including integration of MDGs into national development.”
  • Cuba congratulated Sri Lanka for “implementing recommendations accepted in 2008, rehabilitating and re-integrating LTTE ex-combatants, not subjecting former child soldiers to judicial procedures and swiftly resettling IDPs.”
UN Watch