Syria at UN claims to be human rights plaintiff, not defendant

The Syrians convened an informal meeting at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to showcase their latest draft resolution, on “the Human Rights Situation in the Syrian Occupied Golan.”

The text is similar to previous one-sided resolutions, such as A/HRC/2/3, adopted on November 27, 2006. 

Notable elements of what will be the UNHRC’s 17th condemnation of Israel:

  • It ignores Syrian rejectionism and sponsorship of terrorism.
  • It treats the events of 1967 without mentioning Syria’s systematic shelling of Israeli communities from positions on Golan Heights, its leader’s calls for a “war of annihilation” against Israel, and Syria’s 1967 aggression that led to its loss of the territory.
  • It neglects to mention Israel’s repeated offers to trade 99 percent of the Golan for peace, Syria’s sponsorship of the enemies of the peace process, and its support for terrorism.
  • It is redundant to 2 resolutions already adopted this year by the General Assembly, A/Res/62/110 and 62/85. This only demonstrates the utter irrationality and absurdity of devoting precious UN time and resources to meaningless anti-Israel exercises.
  • It makes no mention of massive Syrian human rights violations. That the HRC should pass a resolution concerning Syria without mentioning Syria’s own abysmal record is absurd.

During the meeting, the Syrian chairman said he hoped to see the resolution adopted by consensus. Algeria, Morocco, Palestine on behalf of the Arab Group, and Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference welcomed the resolution, criticizing Israel for “unacceptable practices” and human rights violations.

Western states at the consultation — Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, UK among others — were silent.


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