Syria interrupts Hillel Neuer during the UN’s "Hate Israel Day"

PLO: The occupying power continues its daily violations — burning families and children, destroying homes, expelling people, uprooting trees, killing herds, and targeting fishermen and continuing to perpetrate apartheid.
Syria: These violations in the Golan… some of these are war crimes — the theft of human resources, displacement…
Pakistan for Islamic Group: Concerned over continued occupation of the Syrian Golan… the OIC demands an end to this illegal occupation.
UAE for Arab League: The Syrian Golan… give back the land to the rightful owners
Cuba: Israel must withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan.
Pakistan: The situation in the Syrian Golan also remains deeply disturbing.
Iran: Indiscriminate force including the use of live ammunition against civilian protests by the Israeli regime
North Korea: The mass killing of civilians and the expansion of Jewish settlements amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Venezuela: Israel’s prolonged occupation also contains features of apartheid… excessive, indiscriminate and brutal force, state terror, arbitrary detentions…
UNHRC President: Thank you, sir. Time’s up. United Nations Watch.
Hillel Neuer: Mr. President, I thank Venezuela for telling us about brutal force and arbitrary detentions. No one doubts their expertise on this subject.
Mr. President, let the record show that what we heard this morning was an Orwellian display from dictatorships and the world’s worst human rights violators. The democracies—U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia—all of them chose to stay away from this prejudicial debate, the only one that singles out one country for differential and discriminatory treatment, because they agree with former Secretary-General who condemned this agenda item for violating the Council’s own principles of universality and equality.
And indeed, Mr. President, it was 50 years ago last month, when the architect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, René Cassin, walked away from the Tehran Conference on Human Rights when it began the singling out of Israel. Today once again the great democracies continue to resist this prejudice and breach of the United Nations founding principles.
Now the truth is that there are no peaceful protests in Gaza, or in Ramallah, where the PA police just crushed a demonstration three weeks ago, beating journalists and students. And we just heard from many countries about the Golan Heights and the Syrians.
Mr. President, as we speak, Syrians, thousands of them, are fleeing toward the border with Israel away from the Syrian regime, who they call, along with Iran and Hezbollah, the real terrorists.
I thank you, Mr. President.
UNHRC President: Thank you. Defense for Children In— uh, there is a point of order of — who is that?  Syria, yes, you have the floor.
Syria: Mr. President, the last speaker has finished his statement, however we must say the following:
While we feel it is important to give a space to NGOs to contribute to the work of the Council, we insist that these organizations must stick to the item under discussion and speak in a professional language that is adequate in the debate of the Council.
That is why we call on the president to ask the speakers to abide by these rules and to interrupt them if they insist on violating the rules in this Council. Thank you.
UNHRC President: I thank you. I’ll call again on all the delegations to express their views but within the accepted framework. So with this I continue.

UN Watch