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Top Tweets of the Week: Nov 24-Dec 1

Trending UN Watch tweets: Western governments’ asylum offers to recently-acquitted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi are revealed as empty promises; Canada deviates from the rest of the

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec 17-Dec 31

Trending UN Watch tweets: UNRWA claims that its pro-terrorist tweet was published due to “unauthorized” access to UNRWA’s twitter account; UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer visits

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec 9-Dec 15

Trending UN Watch tweets: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is called out for holding onto power as he enters his 15th year of a 4-year

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec 2-Dec 8

Trending UN Watch tweets:  France and the UN Human Rights Office apply a double standard regarding police violence in response to the Yellow Vest riots; the

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