Top UN Watch Tweets of the Week: Jan 1 – Jan 6


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UN Watch’s Top Tweets in July 2020

Trending UN Watch tweets from July: UN Watch presses China on its repression of Uighur Muslims; U.N. hypocrisy on condemning Israel; Turkey turns UNESCO-listed Hagia

Trending UN Watch tweets from this past week: Belgium assumes its Security Council seat, which it earned in part by voting the Saudis onto the UN body tasked with protecting women’s rights; as Israel requests compensation for Jews displaced in 1948, UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer asks Arab nations, “Algeria, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq: Where are your Jews?”; Somalia joins the UN Human Rights Council, and the next day expels a UN envoy for speaking out on human rights; and the new head of the UN General Assembly is revealed to be an admirer of both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Nicholas Haysom, the UN secretary general’s special envoy for Somalia, was expelled from the country and declared persona non grata.