The Open Anti-Semitism on Richard Falk's Blog

As Richard Falk exits the UN, and as his wife Hilal Elver — who is co-director of the institute which sponsors the blog below — enters the UN as a newly-appointed investigator of its Human Rights Council, it is important to appreciate the open anti-Semitism that their heavily-moderated blog hosts on a regular basis, apart from Falk’s own notorious posts that have earned condemnation from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other world figures.
One example is the crude anti-Jewish rantings of a regular and approved commenter on Falk’s blog who goes by the name of Walker Percy.
Even though Reform Rabbi Ira Youdovin has urged Falk to remove the hate, Falk has refused, instead showering praise on this “astute” and “sensible” commenter (see below), and openly defending his decision to host the despicable hatred on his blog — even as Falk insists that his policy is not to approve anti-Semitic or racist comments.
Examples of Falk-approved comments by Walker Percy:

  • “Jewish people… have decided to bring down human civilization (like Sampson) rather than admit their perfidy in establishing a new crusader state in Jerusalem”; “this conflict is simply an artifact of Jewish neurosis.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “We have to find a way to prevent the next catastrophe in the long Jewish tradition of Creating enemies and getting themselves killed.” Link to Falk’s blog

  • “Jews and Israel have placed themselves at the very center of this discussion because of their brazen behavior in trying to unseat our President through all manner of deceit” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “It is this systematic indoctrination, the Jewish religion itself, which causes these problems, and probably always has”; “Israel itself is only the latest embodiment of this peculiarly Jewish neurosis, the mother of all self-fulfilling prophecies, and one of the greatest danger that human civilization has ever faced.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “The Zionists are… finally and shamelessly revealing themselves to be the enemies of humanity”; “Nato can bring its full force to bear on the Zionist world-wreckers” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “That kind of truth cannot be tolerated by the Elders who think they run (and own) the world.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “The Protocols [of the Elders of Zion] is an uncannily accurate description of what is happening right now.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “The world is beginning to understand just how toxic jewish religious practice and cultural indoctrination really is.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Judaism is a pyramid scheme of social shaming leading to great accumulation of wealth by those at the apex.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Driven by some kind of revolting Freudian impulse, they are also telling us more about what probably happened in the 1930′s in Europe.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Jews are ensuring, with breathtaking recklessness, that they will be punished by the rest of the world. No amount of weapons or money can prevent the next shoah that is being constructed, to our great horror.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Jews have perpetrated a massive fraud on the rest of us, with their lavish, self-financed Holocaust Museums all over America and the world. The Holocaust myth is instrumental to maintaining American support of Israel, which leads to worldwide terrorism.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “The jewish religion is nothing but a vast, loathesome ponzi scheme of shaming and coercion, whose practitioners will eventually be forced to renounce it.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “The practice of Judaism as an organized belief system itself is what has caused many horrible events throughout history, and it is currently driving mankind toward its denouement, presumably in a giant spasm of violent death and economic catastrophe.” Link to Falk’s blog

There are many, many more.
And here is what Falk has to say about his guest commenter Walker Percy:

  • “I think the range of disagreements represented by Walker Percy to be consistent with civility of tone, and voice serious and genuine opinions that seem suitable for discussion and illuminate the problems associated with the conflict.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Walker: An astute assessment, especially the cool calculations… Best wishes, Richard.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “I am impressed, Walker, by your persisting willingness and ability to provide uncomfortable answers to haunting questions, making us both think and worry.” Falk praises Walker’s efforts as  “a valuable, and never popular, undertaking.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “I agree with you, and thank you for the sensible advice.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “I share your sense that extreme Zionist perspectives are not interested in genuine discussion”; “I also understand and share much of your frustration…” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “ I agree with your assessment about the taboo…”; “there is room for scholarly inquiry into the Jewish mindset, etc., that is associated with biblical texts and cultural norms.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Thanks for raising these issues in an intelligent manner.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Thanks, Walker, for your steadfastness.” Link to Falk’s blog
  • “Thanks for these perceptive comments, Walker. I think your perspective while harsh in some respects has integrity and insight. Richard.” Link to Falk’s blog


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