Times of London quotes UN Watch

UN Watch was quoted today in The Times of London by columnist Rod Liddle:
“I propose that next year we have a referendum to decide whether we should remain members of an expensive, bureaucratic, bullying and hostile supranational organization, seeing as how everyone enjoyed the last one so much.
I don’t mean a second referendum on our membership of the rapidly disintegrating European Union… No, this referendum would be about leaving the United Nations. And it would be won by the “leave” camp by the simple repetition of the question: what benefit is it bringing? For us, or for the world?
As UN Watch put it: ‘In 2004-5, during the 59th session of the General Assembly, the time spent by ambassadors on enacting the 19th anti-Israel resolution of the year was time not spent on passing a single resolution on Sudan’s genocide in Darfur.’
Quite why Israel continues to bung this organization of deluded Third World jokers a couple of million quid a year is a mystery. But the anti-Israeli lobby is monomaniacal. The success of the country, wrought from nothing, appalls it.
The U.S., meanwhile, provides more than one-fifth of the UN annual budget — but hopefully, not for much longer.
Its ambassador to this convocation of failed state emissaries who consider their countries to be victims of the perfidiousness of the West, when they are really victims of their own uselessness and venality, has issued a stark warning.
Nikki Haley said the U.S. would be watching; watching the states who lined up to attack the U.S. and Israel while happily pocketing millions and millions of dollars in U.S. aid.
These countries believe they have a right to U.S. aid, recompense for the appalling stuff they suffered as a consequence of colonialism — forgetting for a moment that America was a colony once too. The U.S. is simply a well-run and affluent democracy — a model for Third Worlders.
It is absurdly generous in its hand-outs to deadbeat countries that, while grasping dollars with alacrity, utter oaths under their breath and go back to oppressing their people with renewed vigor. Who would blame any U.S. president from withdrawing from the UN?”


UN Watch