U.N. Chair fails to silence Son of Hamas as he blasts Human Rights Council hypocrisy

36th Session of United Nations Human Rights Council. Mosab Hassan Yousef—author of Son of Hamas—speaks on behalf of UN Watch.
QATAR: “I highly value the efforts of your distinguished Council to promote and protect human rights and dignity all over the world. Respect for the protection of human rights is a top priority to Qatar.”
SAUDI ARABIA: “Mr. President, my government attaches utmost importance to all issues of human rights stemming from the principles of the Islamic Sharia which we reaffirms the protection of human rights and prohibits their violation.”
SON OF HAMAS: “Thank you, Mr. President. I am taking the floor on behalf of UN Watch. Mr. President, there is a thief in the house.”
[Banging on the gavel by Egyptian chair of the debate, Vice-President Amr Ahmed Ramadan]
SON OF HAMAS: “Countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar talking about human rights? These dictatorships oppress their own people….”
CHAIR: “Excuse me! Excuse me!”
SON OF HAMAS: “How in the world….”
CHAIR: “I would call on the speaker to observe the dignity of the Council, and the language used in the Council. If there is a thief you can speak to the United Nations security you don’t have to speak to this Council. If you want to address the Council, please do so with dignity. I give you the floor back.”
SON OF HAMAS: How in the world are they qualified to be members of this respectful council? By what logic?
Saudi Arabia beheads freethinkers and reduces women to the level of animals.
We are dealing with corrupt ruling families, who rob earth and rob the youth of their dreams. To maintain their power, they keep the individual in darkness, undeveloped, held back to the Seventh Century.
Countries on the Human Rights Council pledge to respect individual human rights. But tribal ruling families like Saudi Arabia have no respect for the individual, who is nothing but fuel for their machine of power.
Violence and terrorism originate in the oppression and denial of basic human rights practiced by these families. We have to understand the source — and we should hold the criminals accountable.
Mr. President, for any society to develop, we need to focus on the individual, especially those who dare to go against the flow.
Thank you.

UN Watch

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