GENEVA, June 14, 2013 – Below is a transcript of portions of the latest interview given by UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk to Truth Jihad Radio’s Kevin Barrett, a leader in the “9/11 Truth” movement. Truth Jihad Radio features the interview on its website here, along with a photo of Richard Falk. “Professor Falk is a strong supporter of David Ray Griffin’s work on 9/11,” the page says,  and “he was savaged by another of the NY neocon rags merely for espousing the mainstream view of the Boston bombings! Once again, the zio-nazis shamelessly lied about what Professor Falk actually said.” The following transcript is from this audio file, and includes the opening and the segment from 43:30 to 55:05.



Intro Song:  “It was an inside job, like it always is, chalk it up to business as usual…”

Truth Jihad Radio (Kevin Barrett): Welcome to Truth Jihad Radio, on American Freedom Radio, I’m Kevin Barrett, I’m here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, finding important voices that need to be heard. And well nobody, I think, really needs to be heard more than our guest Richard Falk. He is the UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories. He has been savaged by the usual suspects for his truthful descriptions of what’s really going on in the Middle East. He’s endorsed David Ray Griffin’s work on 9/11, and taken a lot of [flak] for that as well. And, well, most recently he has visited Lebanon, on the eve of what looked like a possible major escalation of the war on Syria and the possible spillover into Lebanon, and he’s really one of the most important people that we could ever possibly listen to today, concerning these very disturbing events—so let’s listen to him, not me! Welcome, Richard, how are ya?

Richard Falk: Good to be with you, again, Kevin. How are you doing?

Truth Jihad Radio: I’m doing well! You must be one of the people doing some of the very best work around, judging by the kind of criticism you get…

Richard Falk: Well, judging by the criticism I suppose that’s correct. I mean, I’ve tried to be as honest as possible about issues that the mainstream presents to the American people in a distorted form.

[Discussion on Lebanon and Syria, then continued at 43:30 in original audio file]

Truth Jihad Radio: We’re talking with Richard Falk, one of my favorite periodic radio guests.  Richard, the recent attacks on you I thought were unusual, even by the standard of the usual suspects, in being over-the-top mendacious. They basically took some comments you made about “Well, these Boston terror attacks indicate something about, there are people with grievances”—which is pretty much the standard mainstream line—and they try to twist that into lumping you with those of us who are actually questioning whether the Boston bombings might not be another false flag attack—which isn’t what you said at all, but maybe it should have been, given that…

I don’t know if you’ve been following what’s been happening to these important witnesses, but the FBI apparently just did an execution-style murder of a key witness in this case, it was like seven shots in the body, and one in the head to finish him off while he was in FBI custody, and two other FBI agents who arrested Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who appears to have a long history with U.S.-involved terrorism, in Chechnya, or at least connections through CIA people linked to those groups, the two FBI agents who were there when he was killed, apparently after he was arrested unarmed and naked, and then he was just butchered, while in custody, the FBI agents who butchered him “just fell out of a helicopter.”

And I could just go on like this for a long time, but I’m sure you know what I’m saying, that there are all sorts of unanswered questions about Boston, just as there are about 9/11, and you never even said anything like this, and yet these Neocon crazies try to make you out into a “conspiracy theorist” but you’re actually saying something very mainstream. The world is getting very strange, isn’t it?

Richard Falk: Yes, it’s a tactic, I think, of these ultra-Zionist groups that are intent on discrediting anything I have to say about the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and they find that there’s a kind of resonance in relatively prominent places, if they attack me along the lines you suggest—and as you probably know, in response to this series of defamatory attacks, FOX News devoted a whole program to discrediting me in a rather ugly and nasty way, and the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice tweeted a very hostile comment saying that she wished I could be dismissed, and even Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General, issued a statement denouncing my efforts to comment on current issues.

Truth Jihad Radio: And what’s so strange about this is that your comments about Boston are pretty much what anybody to the left of Jimmy Carter would say. They had to completely lie about your position in order to make this kind of attack. How can we actually be public intellectuals in an environment this full of lies and distortions?

Richard Falk: Well, it’s a good question. There’s no doubt that what you say is certainly true for part of the environment, I mean not all of the public space is dominated at this point by that kind of Neocon FOX News sort of perspective, but enough of it is to create a real danger of fascist potential in this country, and all we can do is to oppose it to the best of our ability, depending on where we are and what we do and what access we have. And I’m trying…

There is a meeting in Geneva, in 10 days or so, where this “UN Watch,” this Zionist organization, is trying to introduce a resolution to have me dismissed from my UN position. And if the U.S. government or Canada agrees to sponsor such a resolution then I’d have to confront that directly in the course of the meeting. My own initiative is to question the credentials of this supposed NGO, that does no substantive work, and spends all its time mounting smear tactic, smear campaigns directed at people like myself.

Truth Jihad Radio: That’s right: so-called “UN Watch” is just pretty much a kind of a hate blog, it’s kind of like “Jew-Watch” and these other “Watch” groups that are designed to just throw negative stuff at somebody, and in this case I guess UN Watch just throws defamatory material at anybody who stands up to the Zionists.

Richard Falk: Exactly. And anyone that is critical of Israel, and they try to play the anti-Semitism card, so immediately when you’re a critic of Israel, particularly if you have a formal role such as mine, you’re denounced as a virulent anti-Semite, which of course is completely false from any number of perspectives.

Truth Jihad Radio: Well, I would question whether people who are so adamantly opposed to hearing anyone question 9/11 as to launch these kinds of grotesque and extreme attacks on you — and you’ve actually questioned 9/11 pretty gently, really, although you’ve supported David Ray Griffin strongly – but this is the position of 80 percent of the world’s Muslims, according to a long-series of scientific polls from the day it happened up until today, the numbers are clear, it’s consistent.

About 80 percent of the world’s Muslims—and I’m one of them—view 9/11 as a false flag attack designed to launch a war on Islam. And that perspective is being systematically suppressed. The public is not even allowed to know that about half the world and 80% of the world’s Muslims think this, and if you even open your mouth on this issue it seems that they start throwing things at you.

How can you change the situation so that the more than 1 billion Muslims in the world who are convinced that 9/11 was a false flag attack will actually be listened to — I’m not saying necessarily agreed with, but let’s hear their perspective.

Richard Falk: Well, I think that the sort of patient effort to tell the truth, and to get more and more people that are willing to say: at least that there are important unanswered questions that deserve a response, that the official version has unacceptable gaps in it, and I think David Griffin’s work was essential in documenting that contention that there are unanswered questions that the American people, and the world for that matter, deserve answers to questions, that the 9/11 commission did not address these issues, and that we must continue to demand that our rights as citizens include a right to know what really did happen on 9/11.

Truth Jihad Radio: I absolutely agree. And I wonder if there’s a way to… the other side keeps saying that one is a bigot and a marginalized fool for questioning 9/11—in other words they’re saying that you have to say that Muslims did it, or else you’re a bigot or you’re crazy. Is there a way that maybe, given the fact that four out of five Muslims say it was an inside job, that we can approach this from a human rights perspective, in saying that it’s Islamophobic to accept the official story without questioning it?

Richard Falk: Yes, you can certainly argue that. I mean, in the climate of opinion that prevails in the US, as you know probably better than I, questioning that deeply the official version of 9/11 does touch the third rail of American political sensitivities, and there is an attempt to discredit and destroy anyone that makes such a bold statement, and this has intimidated a lot of people, and makes people more reluctant than they might otherwise be to raise these suspicions about how to understand that transformative event that has been used to project American power around the world and to engage in these very destructive and dysfunctional wars, Iraq and Afghanistan being the main examples.

Truth Jihad Radio: And I think if one judges by what the bad guys feel they need to try to suppress, that is, who is getting intimidated, whose careers are they destroying, who are they coming after, I think that the targets are usually the people that they find the most dangerous, and again that’s why, Richard Falk, I admire your work so much and I think that you’re one of the most effective people fighting the good fight today, which is why they come after you. Keep up the good work, I appreciate it.

Richard Falk: Thank you very much, Kevin, and thank you for the interview.

Truth Jihad Radio: That’s Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, Special UN Human Rights Rapporteur. I can’t wait to see the headline in the New York Sun or New York Post, or one of those Zionist rags tomorrow: “Oh boy, Richard Falk came back on the radio show of Kevin Barrett… What a terrible, terrible man!”



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