Tweets for Terror: Mona Seif, Nominee for 2013 Martin Ennals Human Rights Award

UN Watch today called on the jury of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, comprised of Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and eight other NGOs, and chaired by Hans Thoolen, to cancel its nomination of Mona Seif, an Egyptian activist who openly advocates terrorism and war crimes, as a top contender for the 2013 prize.
She openly incites to violence against civilians, terrorism and war crimes:
– On July 6, 2011 — among several times — Mona Seif advocated the blowing up of pipelines exporting gas to Israel.
– On November 6, 2012, when Amnesty International tweeted a “Demand that @netanyahu & @AlqassamBrigade stop attacks on civilians,” Mona Seif rejected the call, saying “you don’t ask an occupied nation to stop their “Resistance” to end violence!!! SHAME ON YOU!”
– On November 20, 2012, Amnesty International tweeted: “Stop the madness! Share this image if you want an arms embargo on all sides #Israel #Hamas #Gaza” The image shows innocent civilians in Israel and Gaza. Seif responded: “@amnesty & @hrw r leading a shameful campaign asking Palestinians under occupation & non stop air strikes 2 stop their resistance!”

Advocating Hamas terrorism:

She is unrepentant for these tweets for terror, and is now doubling down:

** A longer list of Mona Seif’s  anti-peace and pro-terror tweets are on Storify here.


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