U.N. attacks "masculinist financial culture of unfettered risk" & "neoliberal" policies

A U.N. Human Rights Council working group on discrimination against women called for action against a “masculinist financial culture of unfettered risk” and “neoliberal” policies” which it said were factors causing the banking crisis of 2008.
The U.N. committee also blasted the effects of “increasing privatization of political power” among “predominantly male, private-sector elites, whose actions had precipitated the crisis.”
Not all agree with the U.N.’s attacks on neoliberalism.
The 5-woman panel presents its annual report today before the plenary of the 47-nation body, which includes China, Cuba and Venezuela.
Its members are Alda Facio (chair), Kamala Chandrikarna, Emna Aouij, Frances Raday, and Eleonora Zielinska.
The U.S. gives at least $38 million per year to the U.N. human rights office, in assessed and voluntary contributions.

UN Watch