U.N.'s Iran monitor ends silence on Iran protests, but with weaker statement than on Jerusalem

Even after we shamed U.N. Iran rights monitor Asma Jahangir to finally speak out after six days of silence, her tweet of “condolences” for Iranians arrested, beaten, tortured & killed is far weaker in its criticism or opposition to the Tehran regime’s brutality than, for example, her recent expression of outrage on the U.S. embassy move, which she called “extremely provocative,” saying it “will destroy” the peace process, and should be “vehemently opposed.”
Notably, Jahangir has failed to issue an official U.N. statement or press release on the Iran protests. Releases are sent out to world media and posted on the U.N. website, and can have potentially significant impact.

Sadly, Janhangir’s weak statement on Iran only came under protest from UN Watch.

UN Watch