As U.S. Withdraws, UN Watch Refutes Amnesty International's Whitewash of UNHRC Abuses

When the U.S. withdrew on Tuesday from the U.N. Human Rights Council, Amnesty International rushed to whitewash the ignominious record of the 47-nation body.
Yet in a series of 10 tweets (see below) that went viral on Twitter and Facebook — and which were reproduced in full by Business Insider — UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer refuted Amnesty’s mocking tweet by documenting in detail the gross and systematic corruption of human rights by the UNHRC.
BBC Radio Scotland interviewed Hillel Neuer, as did Israel’s Reshet Bet and Kan Radio.
CNN was one of many news agencies who cited UN Watch for key facts on the controversy, as well as National InterestVoice of AmericaThe Weekly Standard and CBN.
“U.N. Watch Director Shows UNHRC Has Failed to Live Up to Its Own Standards,” was the headline in L.A.’s Jewish Journal.

Additional UN Watch tweets showing the UNHRC’s biased record were shared by leading public figures and journalists, and published by RealClear Politics.


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