UN refuses to apologize for advocating cement used for terror tunnels

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary-General’s remarks to International Conference on the Palestinian Economy and Gaza Reconstruction, 02.03.2009
“Construction materials and spare parts are needed to repair damaged water and sanitation systems. There is no concrete or steel to build homes or shelters…”
Secretary-General’s remarks to the Ministerial Meeting of the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, 11.05.2009
“I call on Israel to respond positively to repeated calls to allow glass, cement and building materials into Gaza. ”
“The Secretary-General added that the policy of the continued closure of Gaza does not weaken Israel’s adversaries, but instead does untold damage to the fabric of civilian life. In that context, he called on Israel to allow glass, cement and building materials into Gaza.”
Briefing, 20.01.2010
“Hospitals and primary care facilities, damaged during the fighting one year ago, have not been rebuilt because construction materials are not allowed into Gaza.”
Secretary-General’s message to International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East, 12.07.2011
“The situation in Gaza is unsustainable… I continue to stress the need for construction materials and other goods..”
Secretary-General’s remarks at Herzliya Conference, 02.02.2012
“By opening Gaza to construction materials, for example, Israel would give ordinary Gazans a chance for a normal life. For people to live normal lives, they have to have schools, decent housing and health care. There has to be an economy, with jobs and a free flow of commerce.”
SG in Gaza, off the cuff, 02.02.2012
“Israel must open Gaza’s crossings for all building materials, including aggregate, iron bar and cement – the ‘ABC’ of construction.”
Highlights of the noon briefing, 15.06.2012
“[The UNSG] has consistently urged the Government of Israel to allow the free movement of people into and out of Gaza, to further liberalize imports, in particular of construction materials, to allow exports and to maintain a flow of approvals for further reconstruction works.”

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