UN slams Switzerland for failing to investigate “pattern of anti-Semitic incidents”

The legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt is still alive in Geneva, within at least some UN human rights bodies.

Today the United Nations Human Rights Committee (an 18-member expert body that is not to be confused with the politicized Human Rights Council) issued the following concluding observations from its review of Switzerland: 

“The Committee is concerned about the sharp rise in apparent anti-semitic incidents occurring in [Switzerland], including stone throwing and verbal threats that disrupted a meeting at the Kempinsky Hotel in Geneva on March 2, 2009 and the arson fire that destroyed the largest synagogue of Geneva in 2007. The Committee is also concerned at reports that the police in Geneva have not fully investigated the pattern of these incidents. (arts 2, 18, 20, 26).

Recommendation:  [Switzerland] should effectively investigate any and all threats of violence against minority religious communities, including the Jewish community.” (Par. 9, Concluding Observations on Switzerland.)  

Here is the full 6-page report, which also criticizes the Swiss referendum initiative against minarets (at Par. 8).

UN Watch