The Durban Ad Hoc Committee wrapped up this afternoon after adopting its final report by consensus. The report reproduces the proposals made by the regional groups over the previous two weeks and will be submitted for review at the Human Rights Council in March 2010.

  • On the final report, Sweden for the EU said that it would beneficial to have all of the EU’s points together in a single narrative.
  • The United States remarked that in certain areas of the text, “our view was characterized as being the same as others when it is distinct.”  The United States plans to remedy this during the fifteen day period when states can submit comments and corrections to the outcome document.
  • Pakistan for the OIC wanted it noted that they support a clear definition of xenophobia and the “contextualized” use of experts.
  • Ecuador cited an “inter-regional” group mentioned by Brazil and asked “whether this group is recognized by the Council and whether such spontaneously created groups are allowed to make proposals.” 
  • Nigeria argued that a cross-regional group “must include all regions.  You haven’t gotten to Africa yet and you don’t have the EU in your pocket. […] When you do, we will shake your hand and welcome you as a member.”
  • Argentina responded that the inter-regional group is comprised of sovereign states that can characterize themselves as they please.
  • The Chair settled issue of the inter-regional group by explaining that he requested the secretariat to write “a number of countries from different regions.”  He emphasized that the group need not include all regions, and that specific countries would be delineated in a footnote.

Reporting by Cindy Tan and Bethany Singer-Baefsky.

UN Watch