UN expert engages with UN Watch on Council floor

UN expert on persons with albinism, Ikponswosa Ero, recently engaged with a UN Watch question in the chamber of the UN Human Rights Council during a discussion on the horrors that confront persons with albinism in some parts of the world. See the expert’s answer and watch the full video of UN Watch’s statement.

UN Watch Question and Independent Expert’s Answer
UN Watch: “Mr. President, we would like to conclude by asking the Independent Expert to please share with us her vision for engaging with those countries in which the most odious crimes against persons with albinism are particularly prevalent.”
UN Expert: “The question by UN Watch – thank you for your question. You wanted to know what my vision was on how to engage the countries which, in quotes have ‘the most odious’ records.
This is very tricky. I am emphasizing dialogue and trying to stay away from press releases on this, because I understand the complexity that the governments are facing, and I wanted to try this approach and only resort to broadcasting as a last approach, so dialogue is key. Second is practical steps. I’m not going to be chasing new law, we don’t need to over-legislate everything. However we do need to come up with practical steps and, like I said in my statement, I’m working towards a first meeting of experts in sub-Saharan Africa this year, funding permitting, to get going with actual do, do do – no more talking. And finally, I hope to work with them in building their national plan of action, in encouraging this inter-ministerial and inter-sectorial response to the issue, which hopefully will end these odious attacks, as you have said rightfully.”

UN Watch