UN Watch’s Top Tweets in July 2020

Trending UN Watch tweets from July: UN Watch presses China on its repression of Uighur Muslims; U.N. hypocrisy on condemning Israel; Turkey turns UNESCO-listed Hagia Sophia into a mosque; China picks the U.N.’s monitor on free speech; China, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia announce candidacies for the U.N. Human Rights Council; and the WHO names Helen Clark—who praises the WHO and China—to lead its”impartial, independent” Coronavirus inquiry. For some of the influencers who shared our tweets in July, see highlights at the bottom.


UN Watch presses China on its repression of Uighur Muslims, calls out U.N. silence

U.N. turns blind eye to Turkey occupying Arab territories

U.N. singles out Israel:


Turkey turns UNESCO-listed Hagia Sophia into a Mosque


China selects U.N. monitor on free speech:


Tyrannies running for U.N. Human Rights Council:


WHO names biased chair to lead Coronavirus inquiry

Liking, retweeting, following: Influencers who shared or endorsed our tweets in July include Swedish MP Hanif Bali; MEPs Peter van Dalen & Charlie Weimers;  former Pakistan ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani; Germany’s TV news program Tagesthemen; Miguel Pizarro, the U.N. rep of the Venezuelan opposition; British television presenter Rachel Riley; Australian MP Dave Sharma; U.S. Ambassador Robert Wood, representative to the U.N. Conference on Disarmament; Russian dissident and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov; Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao. New followers include Bob Rae, Canada’s new ambassador to the U.N.;  L.A. Times China correspondent Alice Su; and Washington Post foreign affairs correspondent Emily Rauhala.

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