Trending UN Watch tweets from March 2020 put a spotlight on China’s efforts to cover up its mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, including by expelling American journalists; holding the World Health Organization to account for kowtowing to Beijing; and remembering three years since UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer took the floor at the United Nations to ask the Arab states, “Where are your Jews?”

Overall in March, in 160 tweets, UN Watch achieved 1.1 million impressions; our director Hillel Neuer’s account, in 225 tweets, achieved another 5.3 million impressions.

China Expels American Journalists


Three Years Since “Where are your Jews?”


China Spreads Conspiracy Theory to Cover Failed Coronavirus Response


Holding World Health Organization to Account for Coronavirus Failures

World Health Organization Only Condemns Israel



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Syria Praised on Human Rights at UN Review

GENEVA, January 24, 2022 — Country speakers taking the floor today at the UN Human Rights Council showered praise on Syria during a mandatory human rights review

UN Watch