‘Vast majority’ of U.N. statements ‘pointing the finger’ at Israel — Hillel Neuer on Sky News

United Nations Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer says the “vast majority” of United Nations statements are “pointing the finger” at Israel.

Mr Neuer says the UN should be “neutral” and should have “moral judgment.”

“What we’re seeing is an abandonment both of neutrality and of moral judgment,” he told Sky News Australia, in a live TV interview with host Sharri Markson.

“The United Nations should be condemning Hamas,” said Neuer.

“Instead, what we’re seeing is the vast majority of UN statements are pointing the finger at Israel.”

“They’re failing to make the distinctions that international law makes. There is a fundamental difference, I would say the difference of civilization, between terrorists like Hamas, who seek to massacre civilians, and a democracy, Israel, which is defending itself from the terrorist group, and is seeking to do everything to avoid targeting civilians to hit the terrorist infrastructure. Sadly, Hamas cynically uses human shields, Hamas puts their civilians at risk by embedding their terrorist infrastructure, and we’ve seen it in the videos that have come out in the past few days of the Shifa Hospital, beneath mosques beneath schools. The videos are there, we’re seeing the tunnel shafts. We’re seeing the weapons, we’re seeing the rocket factories,” said Neuer.

Regarding the UN’s calls for restrain and a ceasefire, Neuer told Sharri Markson, “there was a ceasefire for about two years until Hamas broke the ceasefire, invaded Israel, and massacred men, women, children and babies in the most brutal way.”

“When a country that seeks to defend itself to stop Hamas from doing what they say, their leaders have said, they’re going to do it again and again, and again. They’ve been very clear. Their intentions are genocidal. And the United Nations is failing to recognize that. Instead, they’re pointing the finger at Israel. They’re pretending that Israel is targeting civilians. It’s a lie,” said Neuer.


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