GENEVA, March 3, 2011 — UN Watch welcomes  the U.N. Human Rights Council’s announcement, in response to our urgent appeal, that its current session is canceling the consideration of a council report lavishly praising the Qaddafi regime’s human rights record, which was scheduled for March 18, and the report’s scheduled adoption by a council resolution in the following week. The U.N. decision was announced today by the US Mission.

However, the Geneva-based human rights group urged the U.N. council to cancel — and not only “postpone” — the fraudulent report, whose main effect, said executive director Hillel Neuer today, “was to bolster Qaddafi’s oppressive regime, demoralize his victims, and harm the reputation of the UN. The review should be completely redone, and the truth told about Qaddafi’s crimes.”

The US announcement of today’s decision features below.

March 3, 2011

Statement by Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe

U.S. Representative to the Human Rights Council

On the Postponement of the Human Rights Council’s Consideration of the Working Group Report of the Libyan Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

We welcome the decision by the Human Rights Council President in consultation with the Bureau to postpone consideration of the Working Group Report of the Libyan UPR. We hope that the Council completes adoption of the report at such a time when the voices of the Libyan people, and not just the voice of the Qadhafi regime, can be reflected in its final outcome.

Although UPR reports are primarily a record of the proceedings of a UPR review session, they also reflect the responses of the state under review to the many recommendations made during the UPR session. While some countries may have praised Libya’s human rights record, other countries, including the United States, were highly critical. It is important to have a meaningful response to such criticisms.

The United States remains appalled by the situation in Libya and demands an immediate halt to the violence perpetrated by the Qadhafi government against its own citizens. We will continue to work with the international community on additional steps to hold the Qadhafi government accountable, provide humanitarian assistance to those in need, and support the Libyan people as they pursue a transition to democracy.



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