Abdul Salam Muhammad Alimat (Abu Alim), Arabic Teacher at UNRWA, Advocates Violence & Antisemitism


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Abdul Salam Muhammad Alimat lists himself as an Arabic teacher at UNRWA in Jordan. His posts advocate violence and promote antisemitism.

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In this post from May 15, 2020, the day Palestinians commemorate the creation of the State of Israel as their “Nakba”, or catastrophe, UNRWA teacher Abdul Salam Muhammad Alimat denounces peace and advocates violence. “There is no solace for those sitting at the filthy peace tables,” he writes. “There is one way, we know it, there is no choice between spirit and weapons.” The message is to reject peace and fight with weapons, the “one way.”

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In this post from November 2019, UNRWA teacher Alimat promotes antisemitism, accusing the Jews of oppressing the entire Arab world by quoting Allah Tulfah, the former governor of Baghdad:  “I find it distressing to see 120 million Arabs subdued by a million Jewish vagabonds.” The post also repeats a quote from a mid-19th century pamphlet that Allah should never have created the Jews, and equating them with flies. The language is antisemitic and reminiscent of Nazi terminology dehumanizing the Jews by calling them vermin.


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