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Exposed UNRWA Employee

Amna Shehada, Celebrates October 7th Attack

Telegram Nickname: Amna Shehada   On the morning of October 7th, at 7:41 AM, Amna Shehada celebrated the October 7th Hamas attack and prayed for

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Ebtesam, Supports Hamas

Telegram Nickname: Ebtesam   On January 3rd, 2024, Ebtesam supported Hamas, confirming its pervasiveness in Gaza, including within her own family. She wrote “They think

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Alhamdulilah (“Thank God,”) Endorses Hamas Atrocities

Telegram Nickname: Alhamdulilah (“Thank God”)   On December 28th, 2023, Alhamdulilah called to “liberate Jerusalem” by “sword,” fully endorsing Hamas’s October 7th atrocities and ongoing

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Abu Yaseen, Glorifies Terrorism for Children

Telegram Nickname: Abu Yaseen Additional Proof of UNRWA Affiliation: Chat history in which he provides information on how to complete UNRWA trainings   On November

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Gaith, Endorses Hamas Terrorism

Telegram Nickname: Gaith   On October 9th, Gaith, one of the UNRWA Telegram group admins, likened the Hamas terrorist massacre in Israel to the Prophet

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Amal Saleh, Endorses Hamas Resistance

Telegram Nickname: Amal Saleh   On October 7th, Amal Saleh endorsed the Hamas atrocities in Israel when she prayed at 8:01 AM for God to

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