Abu Muhammad Fathi Bahar (Employee, UNRWA Lebanon), Promotes Violence

Abu Muhammad Fathi Bahar lists himself as an UNRWA employee. Several of his Facebook friends also list themselves as UNRWA employees. Bahar supports violence and advocates rejecting peace in favor of violence.

Post 1: Posts Video Saluting Violence

Bahar posts a violent video with the caption “Greetings to all who resist tyranny.” This “greeting” indicates support and praise for the violence in the video shared by Bahar which includes stone throwing with slingshots and tire burning. The video was produced by Falastini TV (www.falastini.tv), which promotes violence against Jews. Falastini TV also incites violence against Israel with a music video of a child-singer proclaiming “we do not fear death, O occupier, be angry,” calling for “revenge” and promising to “return” and to liberate “Arab Jerusalem,” while displaying a map of Israel covered in a Keffiyeh, suggesting the intention to replace Israel with Palestine.


Greetings to all who resist tyranny.

Post 2: Advocates Violence Instead of Peace

In March 2021, Bahar shared another video with scenes of violence with the text “this is our position on the Deal of the Century,” indicating Bahar’s view rejecting peace deals with Israel in favor of violent resistance. In addition to advocating violence, it is also a gross breach of UNRWA staff rules which require staff to avoid making “any kind of public pronouncement which may adversely reflect on their status or integrity, independence or impartiality” (Area Regulation 1.4) and to refrain from engaging in “any political activity which is inconsistent with or might reflect upon” their “independence and impartiality…” (Area Regulation 1.7)


This is our position on the Deal of the Century

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