Ahmad Nasser, Principal of UNRWA School Promotes Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

Following is one of the 40 perpetrators identified in UN Watch’s 130-page report entitled “Poisoning Palestinian Children: A Report on UNRWA Teachers’ Incitement to Jihadist Terrorism & Antisemitism.”

Ahmad Nasser lists himself as Principal at Northern Vocational Training Center, which is an UNRWA school in Tripoli, Lebanon, and as an employee at Siblin Training Center.
When UNRWA employee Omar Asaad posted that Hitler left some Jews so that the world would know why they needed to be killed, Nasser commented that Hitler “should not have left any of them.”
That and other of Nasser’s antisemitic comments were viewable by at least 82 of his Facebook friends who list themselves as working at UNRWA, and by approximately another 30 listing themselves as working at UNRWA’s Siblin Traning Center or NTC. In several cases documented in this report, antisemitic comments by one UNRWA teacher or staffer generated likes and other additional hateful comments by other UNRWA staffers.

Notably, several images show top European and UNRWA officials meeting with this pro-Hitler UNRWA principal.
Below is Matthias Schmale, currently UNRWA’s New York director, seen with Abel Piqueras Candela, EU Representative to Lebanon, both standing right next to UNRWA school principal Ahmad Nasser. At the time, Schmale was UNRWA’s country director for Lebanon, and is likely to have known and interacted with this pro-Hitler head of an UNRWA training center.

While Matthias Schmale was UNRWA’s country director for Lebanon, he denied any knowledge of antisemitism within his institution. When UN Watch asked him about racist Facebook posts, he did not respond:

Schmale oversaw hundreds of UNRWA teachers and other officials in Lebanon—including at UNRWA Lebanon facilities like Siblin or NTC—who posted, liked, commented on or were reached by antisemitic Facebook posts, yet pleaded ignorance. Our report focused on a sample of 17 such perpetrators. When Elie Wiesel died, Schmale used the occasion to suggest the Palestinians were the victims of “genocide.”
In Image 1 Nasser posts conspiracy theory and writes that ISIS was created by a “Jew” named “Simon Elliot.”
In Image 2 Nasser confirms that he is the Principal of UNWRA’s NTC.
In Image 3 UNRWA principal Ahmad Nasser posts viciously antisemitic cartoon.
In Image 4 Nasser hosts antisemitic Sheikh Hisham Khalifa at UNRWA’s NTC. Image 5 is a screenshot of an interview given by Sheikh Hisham Khalifa.


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