At the U.N. Human Rights Council today, following the presentation by Vernor Munoz Villalobos, U.N. expert on the Right to Education, the United Arab Emirates, speaking for the Arab Group, and Palestine asked that more attention be given to the rights of Palestinians to education in the face of challenges posed by Israel. This is just another example of the attempt by various Council members to insert condemnation of Israel into every discussion of rights violations at the U.N.

The UAE (Arab Group) asked about the Rapporteur’s opinion on the rights of younger Palestinians in particular, as well as the rights of Palestinian and Arab prisoners of Israel in general.

Palestine expressed its regret for the “lack of mention of Palestine in the report,” explaining that “in most Israeli prisons, Palestinians are denied the right to pursue education as opposed to Israeli juvenile prisoners. In Palestine the educational system is collapsing due to the systemic obstruction of access to education in Gaza and the West Bank.” It continued that “schools, universities, and offices, including those of the Palestinian Ministry of Education, have been damaged… In addition, the construction of the Wall causes a devastating impact on Palestinian living conditions, literally bulldozing through educational institutions in its path.”



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