Ban Ki Moon is letting the Israel-bashers of the Human Rights Council make the UN look bad

Ban Ki Moon is letting the Israel-bashers of the Human Rights Council make the UN look bad

NY Daily News
January 21, 2011

When will the lunacy reach such heights that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon realizes his so-called Human Rights Council is wrecking what little reputation the world body has left?

It was terrible enough that the council installed a retired Princeton University professor named Richard Falk, who believes that Jews are Nazis, in charge of finding human rights violations in the Palestinian territories.

Falk duly demonized Israel in keeping with the council’s obsessive campaign to smear the Jewish state as the worst rogue nation on Earth. Bar none.

But the professor doesn’t limit his whackadoo world view to Israel. He recently blogged a complaint that not nearly enough attention is paid to the possibility that the Bush administration, and not Al Qaeda, destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11 by means of controlled explosions.

Ignore those jetliners crashing into the towers, is his advice. Who are you going to believe, your own eyes or him and his friends? Falk wrote the introduction to a 2004 book that pushed the controlled-explosion paranoia and theorized that the Pentagon was hit by a guided missile, not a plane.

Falk was reminded of these dark conspiracies by, of all things, the Tucson shootings. You apparently have to be him to get the connection, but he hasn’t changed his mind about 9/11.

Ban should ring down the curtain on this grotesque buffoonery. He should force out Falk forthwith, and while he’s at it, he should sack the council’s full 18-member advisory board. The Op-Ed article at right details this gang’s history as an apologist for dictatorships.

Actually, Ban should insist that the full council reconstituted with members who have a record of upholding human rights, not trampling them.

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