BBC Radio Scotland: Hillel Neuer on pathologies of the UN Human Rights Council

Hillel Neuer on BBC Radio Scotland discussing the U.S. withdrawal from the UNHRC:

Reform failed. That’s a fact. The Council has been around for 12 years. The members today include China, Cuba, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and so forth.
So the key part of the reform that Kofi Annan has spoken of, which was the composition, that completely failed. The worst abusers continue to get a free pass. There are no resolutions on Turkey, on Pakistan, on Venezuela. Most of the world’s worst abusers get a free pass.
I don’t think the U.S. can really reform it, but I do think that having major democracies in the Council to speak truth to power is important for the world. 
Although we have documented the pathologies of the Council and some of the dictators and the Western apologists for dictators that they repeatedly elect, we actually think that it is better to fight from within. Not because they can change it, but because they can at least go on record and speak truth to power…

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