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Today: Islamic Regime in Iran foreign minister Amir Abdollahian meets chief Hamas terrorist Ismail Haniyeh in Qatar. Feb. 26: Islamic Regime in Iran foreign minister

BREAKING: Human rights activists are calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council to convene an emergency session to save the life of Mohammad Ghobadlou,

No Joke: the U.N. just announced the Islamic Republic of Iran will take the Presidency of the Conference on Disarmament, starting March 18th. Having Ayatollah

While the @unhcr welcomed the Iranian Regime’s top officials to the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, UN Watch together with @NazaninAJ and @MaryBanihashemi invited brave

Ayatollah Raisi met Putin last week, now he's coming to Geneva on Wednesday for a UN forum. His regime beats, blinds and poisons Iranian women

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi is coming to Geneva for the UN's global refugee forum. He's no humanitarian. He was part of the Tehran death commission

The Islamic Republic of Iran just hanged Zarkhaton Mazarzehi, a 46-year-old Baluchi mother, the sole breadwinner for her impoverished family, on drug-related charges. The Islamic

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Bravo 🇺🇸: “We categorically refuse to sit, converse or engage in any discussion on human rights chaired by Iran. Any discussion led by a regime

The inmates are running the asylum. Today the Islamic Republic of Iran became Chair of the U.N. Human Rights Council Social Forum. He hailed Cuba's

Program for tomorrow's UN Human Rights Council Forum:1. Iran's Ali Bahreini, Chair2. Cuba's President, Keynote Panel3. Iran Vice-President, head of Academic Jihad4. Cocktail by Iran5.

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