UN Watch Statement
uman Rights Council, 27thSession
UPR of Nicaragua
19 September 2014

Delivered by Signe Kossmann


Thank you, Mr. President.
UN Watch is deeply concerned with the human rights situation in Nicaragua. In its recent UPR, many stakeholders voiced great concern over the widespread violations of basic human rights of its citizens, notably those of women and detainees.
The overriding critique by member states related to the unacceptable condition of women’s sexual and reproductive rights. The criminalization of abortion, even to save the mother’s life, or in the disturbingly high prevalence of rape, is alarming. There are documented cases of how this total ban has endangered the health of women, even leading to death.
Furthermore, serious concern has been raised over the reversal of legal reforms addressing rampant gender-based violence in Nicaragua. Regressive amendments to Act 779, allows for re-victimization by dangerously placing women in a situation of negotiation with their abusers. If Nicaragua is serious in its commitment to combat gender-based violence, it must remain steadfast in protecting the vulnerable victims of violence.
UN Watch is also alarmed that Nicaragua rejected recommendations relating to credible allegations of the excessive use of force by the police and arbitrary abuse of detainees. We urge for immediate investigation, and for Nicaragua to hold perpetrators accountable in accordance with international human rights standards.
Mr. President,
UN Watch wishes to draw urgent attention to the rejection of these crucial recommendations by the government of Nicaragua. This Council must defend the rights of these victims, and do everything within its power to protect the fundamental human rights of the people of Nicaragua.
Thank you.


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